RCVS Accredited Practice

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Farm & Livestock

Argyll and the Highlands are well recognising for producing high quality, high health status cattle and sheep. The practice supplies a full range of farm vet services to clients spread across North Argyll and some of the nearby smaller islands.

As well as the usual services and 24 hour emergency cover, Oban Vets will provide:

  • Portable Ultrasound pregnancy testing for cattle
  • Tailor made, farm-specific, health plans
  • The advice and services necessary for Health scheme Accreditation
  • Export certification
  • Semen testing for Tups
  • Fluke and worm egg counts, often on a same day basis, to enable rational use of drenches.

The surgery has  a complete range of farm animal medicines and drenches in stock. For larger orders we often make use of the next day delivery service from our wholesaler.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.