RCVS Accredited Practice

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From small native ponies to working hunters, Argyll is host to a small but enthusiastic population of equine enthusiasts. Oban Vets is pleased to support them in their pursuits and offers the following services:

  • Vettings; both 2 and 5 stage vettings can be carried out. Due to the local geography we are often being asked to vet our own clients' horses. This can be a delicate situation, please call to discuss any requirements
  • Dentistry; Alasdair has a keen interest in the dental care of horses and recently acquired a motorised burr to enable him to provide a more complete service
  • In house worm (and fluke) egg counts to enable strategic parasite control
  • Routine vaccinations, health checks.and lameness examination
  • Riding establishment inspections for council licensing
  • The practice works closely with the Weipers centre at Glasgow University to deal with more demanding cases.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.