RCVS Accredited Practice

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Terms of Business


  • All fees, food and medications are subject to VAT (currently 20%)
  • Fees levels are determined by the time required and the complexity of treatment
  • A detailed fee note will be produced for every transaction with the practice
  • Our standard terms of business require payment in full at the time of treatment
  • Payment methods accepted include most credit/debit cards.

An estimate of likely treatment cost can be requested at any point. This is generally provided in writing. Please note that illnesses are unpredictable in nature and the exact cost of any course of treatment may well vary from the estimate. An up to date account balance can be requested at any time from the attending vet.

Oban Vets recognises that unforeseen injury or illness to an animal is difficult to budget for and that clients can be confronted with treatment costs that they may find difficult to pay. If this is the case then please discuss this with the Vet handling your case and before treatment is started. Estimates can be provided to help with decision making. In the event that a client is unable to pay an amount outstanding, consideration may be given, by the practice to a staged payment. This will not be permitted for foreseeable expenditure such as vaccination and neutering.

In the event that a fee remains unpaid, the practice may place the outstanding account with a debt collector. This is an expensive process, the cost of which will be passed onto the debtor.

Ownership of Records

All case records, including diagnostic test results, radiographs or other imagery eg ultrasound, are the property of, and will be retained by, Oban Vets. Copies can be requested which can be forwarded to another veterinary surgeon.

Feedback and Complaints

We welcome all feedback which is probably best submitted by email (link) . In the event that you are unhappy with the service you have received then please contact the partners (Tristan Carré or John Blomfield) in writing. We treat any complaint received seriously and you will receive a written response within 5 working days.

Second opinions and referrals

Oban Vets is a general mixed practice. This means that the vets working in the practice treat all conditions relating to all species. Most of the individual vets have a personal interest in certain areas of veterinary medicine. Currently no vets at Oban Vets have taken exams relating to any form of speciality.

On occasion your animal’s case may be better treated by a specialist vet who concentrates on a particular area of veterinary medicine or surgery. The vets at Oban Vets will let you know when your case surpasses their own skillset and may recommend referral to a specialist. The practice has a trusted network of specialists in the central belt that we are in the habit of referring clients to. If you would prefer to be referred elsewhere then please discuss your requirements with the attending vet.

The practice will also provide support if you feel you need a second opinion regarding your animal’s case. The most practical way to achieve this is generally by consulting a different vet within the practice. To achieve this, you can request that your appointment is made with a specific vet. When you attend the practice for a second opinion, please make us aware of the reasons behind this, all feedback is welcome.  If you would prefer a second opinion elsewhere then please let us know so we can forward copies of the clinical history to the vet you will be seeing.

Prescription and Dispensing Policy           

All the medication that our vets prescribe can be dispensed at the time of your appointment. Prescription only medicines (POM-V) are dispensed with the authority of the vet treating your pet. In order to prescribe POM-V products to an animal, a vet must have the animal under their care. This means that cases requiring ongoing treatment will need to be reassessed at regular intervals. The vet attending your case will let you know how often you should attend the surgery. This interval will vary depending on the stage and type of condition being treated.

The price of any medication prescribed is available on request.

You may request that your animal’s prescription is provided in writing so that you may have the medication dispensed elsewhere. The cost of providing a written prescription is £8.33 + VAT.