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Oban Vets and Coronavirus


Oban Vets will continue to prioritise human safety until coronavirus comes under control. This means that, in order to offer any treatment, strict observation of social distancing guidelines must be the norm.

Clients showing symptoms of coronavirus (cough or fever) should be self isolating at home and should not attend the surgery under any circumstance.

Clients must maintain a clear space of 2 metres between themselves and other clients or staff members at all times.

Everyone needs to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly and avoid touching their face.

Clients showing symptoms or who willingly flout social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. Their animals needs do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE outweigh our need to protect our staff and our society.

Please remain mindful of your distancing and respond positively to any request to ‘stand back’ or similar.


On Farms,

All work involving the national food-chain is to continue as normal, albeit with observation of government social distancing measures.


Companion animal treatment (pets)

The treatment we will offer will be triaged by our reception team following discussion of your requirements.

Where appropriate, (eg where clients are shielding) cases can be treated remotely. Specifically, by making phone calls or exchanging photographs etc. A proportion of cases will be able to be managed without the need to attend the surgery at all. RCVS guidelines have been relaxed to some extent to allow us to prescribe more treatment in this manner during this crisis.

Where it is necessary to see a case, systems are in place to protect you and our staff.

As usual, all treatment will be provided through pre-booked appointments. Please do not attend the surgery with your pet without first booking an appointment (even if delays on the phone become frustrating) as there will likely be a long wait before you can be seen.

When you arrive at the surgery for your appointment, please contact reception by phone to let us know you are here.

A vet will contact you by phone to discuss your case. You will then be asked to bring your pet into the building and leave them, whilst you leave the building. Following examination, the vet will phone you again to discuss what they have found and how best to proceed.

You will be invited  to make card payments over the phone prior to collecting your pet and any medication that will have been dispensed and left with your pet. By adhering to these measures, you will not need to come within 2 metres of anybody else and anything you may need to touch (eg door handle) can be cleansed between clients.

Repeat prescriptions (please see the request form on this website) can be posted out if required. Prescriptions will only be available to collect between 4 and 5pm the day after being ordered. Measures are in place to ensure social distancing during this period. Please phone to make card payment for your prescription before collecting it.


Please contact the surgery for advice about your case. The availability of treatment will be dependent on the feasibility of observing social distancing guidelines at the time of examination, this will in turn be dependent on individual horses temperament.


Our thanks for your co-operation during these demanding times. We are doing all we can to provide as full a service as is possible and would ask for your ongoing understanding where there are delays in service.